Luca S Before

Luca S After 

20.180 Neon Magazine Cover

Camera Raw Before / After Edit

Camera Raw Before / After Edit

Camera Raw Before / After Edit

Whale Watching Edit

Outdoor Advertisement Building Billboard Mockup Of Aquatic Secret Art Design By Luis AV/Prowler Kitten. Mock Up Image From

Photo Retouch By Luis AV Image From For This Photo Retouch Before and After, I used Adobe Photoshop - Clone Stamp, and Healing Tool to remove the model and replace her with the approximate original surrounding texture.

Before & After Human Morph By Luis AV Image from Tools used: layer mask, adjustment clip, Noise filter, Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur, levels adjustment.

Animal Morph By Luis AV Images from Tools Used- Adobe Photoshop - layer masks different animal body parts from a Penguin body, Cat head, Rhinoceros horn, and Gorilla Arms merged into one animal.

Digital Painting By Luis AV Original image from Tool Used: Adobe Photoshop - paint brush smear tool.

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